Gen 8 when?

Currently this project relies on Pokéapi, which doesn't currently have Gen 8 support. They get their data from a user named Veekun, who is in the process of updating their CSV files in include Gen 8. You can track this issue here. This is a lengthy process so please remain patient in the meanwhile.

Is breeding still accurate for non Gen 8 pokémon?

90% of the time, yes. However some Pokémon were changed on Gen 8 release, and the simulator doesn't currently reflect those changes. See above question for reasoning.

Why not just set up the simulator so that it doesn't rely on Pokéapi?

This is a future goal, but it requires server space and hosting and a lot of setup time. I currently don't have the time or money to implement this.

Why work on this project until you can implement Gen 8?

It's a pet project made for entertainment purposes as much as it is usable for competitive reasons. I'm working on it because it's fun and I want to!

The Baby Pokémon isn't getting the right moves.

That's correct! Right now a baby will just have it's normal level 1 baby moves. The calculations that go in to generating the moveset are quite long winded and I am still working on them!

Alolan Pokémon?

Just append the desired Pokémon's name with "-alola". E.g. "Raichu-alola" or "Muk-Alola". Sprites for these Pokémon currently aren't supported.

C'yini luck?

An inside joke with a friend of mine who is historically incredibly unlucky with Shiny hunting. This won't be in the final release, or will be named something more generic.